Financing Your Home (FYH)

If you are a first time buyer, the world of mortgage financing can be very confusing. We can help by simplifying the mortgage lending process.

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First Time Buyers
The first step is to save your downpayment. For most houses in Canada a minimum 5% downpayment is required. These funds can come from many different financial sources:
Funds in an RRSP may be used for up to $20 000 per person.
Money in savings accounts.
Gifts from relatives.
Other investments, stocks, bonds, mutual fund.

How do you know if your bank is offering a competitive rate on your renewal? Get someone on your team. In the current financial marketplace there are many financing options for your mortgage. Use the equity in your home to make investments, buy a boat, cottage or add the hot tub. Switching your mortgage is simple and we take care of the details. Apply early, we can hold rates up to 4 months.

Need money to lower monthly payments, consolidate your debts, start a business, do home improvements, buy an investment or recreational property then we can help. There are outstanding lending options for refinancing your home to give you the money you need.

Moving Up
A big misunderstanding is that only first time buyers qualify to put down only five percent. With recent changes, anyone may apply with only a five percent downpayment. This allows alot of flexibility and you may find with some creativity, using our expertise, you can own a larger house without increasing your payments dramatically. Let us help you with the numbers today. Apply Online!



Canada home financing

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